Funda de espada
Hello, good evening, I introduce myself. My name is lisandro rojo, I'm from Intendente alvear, Argentina. I'm a rookie, for a year and a little more I decided to venture into the forge of steel, my favorite weapons are the sword.
A month ago I started with my first big project, Cawood's sword.
I think I've finished it, details are missing, but now the other part is missing: the cover.
That's why I go to those who know, I have doubts about how the case would be, I want to replicate what is closer to what the original would have been, I do not want to do something that does not correspond.
Do any of you have any images of how the fudas who used these swords would be? I would appreciate your help.
I send you greetings
Hi Rojo,

Just so you know, the correct word for a sword cover in English is either "scabbard" or "sheath". People interested in swords usually call them scabbards.

The Cawood sword is thought to date to the 12th century. Try, searching from say 1100 to 1175 AD. You can also try There are almost no real scabbards that survive from this time, so visual art is one way to learn about the style.

Pay attention to the suspension. The suspension is how the scabbard (funda) is attached to the belt.

Also, manuscript art suggests that chapes were not used during the 12th century. The chape is the metal part at the bottom of a scabbard, where the point of the sword is.

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