Hey everyone, up for sale is a custom H/T EMSH. This is a redux of one I had up before that didn't garner much interest. The blade has been sharpened but is otherwise stock. The hilt components are mild steel with a mirror finish. The guard is an Oakeshott style 1 and the hilt a form of the type D "cocked hat" style. The hilt is secured with a recessed nut. The grip and scabbard have poplar cores and are wrapped in brown leather. The scabbard also features an integrated belt of black leather.

The price for this piece is $250. If you are interested or have any questions you can send me a PM or email contact@paladinforge.com.

Overall Length: 38.125 inches
Blade Length: 31.5 inches
Blade Width at Guard: 2 inches
Handle Length: 4.125 inches
Point of Balance: 6 inches from guard
Weight: 2.55 pounds

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