Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce a new product available on Museum Replicas (MRL), The Accolade Dagger, a matching companion to your accolade sword!

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For those who don’t know, The Accolade was a sword designed for a high-ranking officer of the order of The Knights Templar. We designed this dagger by studying daggers which were used during the Third Crusades (1189-1192).

The key features of this striking medieval dagger include,

• The high carbon steel blade emblazoned with the seal of the Knights Templar on both sides of the ricasso, while the pommel has an inlayed Templar steel cross within.

• All hardware on the cross guard and pommel is plated in sterling silver.

• The grip is bound in soft leather with a wire wrapping.

• The leather sheath is adorned with two silver-plated budded crosses, has a leather thong for securing your dagger handle and a loop large enough to slide easily onto your Accolade scabbard belt or any belt up to 2 Ύ” wide.

Sounds like something worth including in your collection? You can order your Accolade Dagger here: