Mateusz Sulowski sword type XVIa, PRISTINE!
unfortunately, circumstances in life change and I have to part with several precious items from my collection. One of them is a unique type XVIa sword by the renowned Polish swordsmith Mateusz Sulowski. It is an awesome piece, everyone who is familiar with Mateusz’ work knows that he is truly talented in recreating historically accurate swords with utmost respect to details and art.

After a zealous waiting time, my sword arrived several months ago and I am really proud to own such a piece! Intention was to keep it as an heirloom, but other things came up in the meantime, hence this listing. If it doesn’t sell, I will gladly keep it forever!

Sword is as pristine as it rolled out from Mateusz famous sturdy shipping box. Not a single fault, never cut with, sharp as it came from his hands. Truly a masterpiece and its scabbard too! The sentence “Si vis pacem para bellum” on the scabbard is in Latin and roughly means “If you want peace prepare for war”. I came with that as a proper match for such sword. Tooling on the grip and floral motives really match well with the scabbard and the coins inside the pommel.

From a functional standpoint, I’ve swung on several occasions. The balance is outstanding, as expected from such high-level sword. Easily swings with one or both arms, making the air sing. Grip is indeed comfortable and sword belt is functional to the point you forget you are carrying a sword at your hip.

I’m stopping here because with every next line I feel sorry for myself selling it… If you have any questions please ask away, PM preferred.

I’m asking 1900 Euro shipped in European Union, which is close to the amount I originally paid. It is a fair price IMO considering that sometimes Mateusz’ waiting period exceeds 2 years! And the sword is pristine, never used, just to repeat. Thanks you all for the interest!

Here is a link to Mateusz Sulowski website with full sword details listed by its maker:

You can check his Instagram and Facebook for more pictures if you wish. My sword looks awesome in his pictures, but it’s even prettier in hand.
Up for this awesome sword!
Reasonable offers will be considered!
1800 Euro shipped in EU.
Still for sale!
I believe I'll regret selling this sword and after a long period of thought and doubt, I decided to cancel and hopefully never have to list it again. Thanks for the interest shown by everyone and good luck!

P.S. If you can afford it, buy a Sulowski sword. Either Mateusz or his brother Damian. Their work is amazing!
The need to sell this sword gets renewed eventually... :(

1770 Euro shipped in EU.
$2000 and buyer pays the difference in shipping outside EU ($30-40 max).

Payment method - only PayPal. If there is any tax, buyer covers it.

Whoever is familiar with Mateusz Sulowski's masterwork knows that his swords are wonderful and will only gain value in the future. This XVIa is definitely a keeper!
Great Christmas present for any sword collector!

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