Is this chape historical?
I was thinking of recycling the chape from this cheap Cold Steel messer scabbard:

Has anyone seen a historical example like it, even in artwork?
Tod does a couple of messer/falchion scabbard chapes on his site with a similar, albeit more refined and elegant, profile shape, but much fancier (ball on end, cut-out). Since he tends to keep things pretty historic in his offerings, I imagine something made from that chape in a similar vein might be historically plausible - maybe a cut-out similar to those on Tod's site. Might be plausible as-is, but can't remember seeing one that's both solid that way and in that shape.

Here's Tod's #7:

And #9:

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Yep, Iím familiar with Toddís chapes, and theyíre gorgeous! :)

To be more specific, has anyone seen evidence of this style of chape without the cutout? I plan on using it for a scabbard project, and Iíd like to be as historically accurate as I can get with a limited amount of tools. I donít have the tools or skill to modify one of these, and I donít recall ever seeing one quite like it.
There are tons of variations, so this one can probably be found somewhere in the artwork. There are a couple of threads on messer scabbards around here, including this one:

That might give you some ideas.

I think the easiest/best mod would to snip off that triangular shape at top, so that the top of the chape is straight across. No question about that form. Then if you want to get fancy on the cheap, get a bit rated for stainless steel and drill three overlapping holes to make a trefoil, either fully enclosed by the chape or open at the top.
Thanks, Sean, thatís good advice.

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