Matt Easton and Tod talk.......
Hi Guys,

A couple of weeks ago Matt Easton from came over and we made a few videos together.

I really enjoyed the day and although I have known Matt for a few years, we have never really 'chewed the fat' and this and a few other upcoming films are the result - we hope you enjoy them.

Chat about scabbards

Matt and Tod chat in general

Matt and Tod chat in general part 2


Thanks for the heads-up! I've been scarce on media, and missed that these were posted. I would have found them eventually, but I really enjoy these conversational discussions, so am happy to get to them sooner. Both and you and Matt have an instructional and conversational style that is easy to watch.

Cheers, Tod!
I have already viewed the videos because I check on Matt's site daily or almost daily, and he always has interesting content.

The collaboration is really fun and instructive in many ways dealing with use, history and the making of high end reproductions of period weapons, keep making them together when possible.

Tod's own site has been in my Bookmarks for a while already, and he seems to be making videos more often.

I like the recent one on hafting a mace head: Funny thing some of his tips on how to make the shafts from square wood stock is similar to the way I make walking stick shafts.

I use the same methods with a plane but I still learned a good trick of using the first planed side to make the one opposite side parallel to the first, the trick to taper a shaft with a plane is also very useful.

I also seem to have the exact same rasp that 's been in my family for at least 3 generations including me.

I also use the tape method around a shaft to be able to cut around a shaft evenly: Look at the video and you will understand what I mean.

Wood working or other making tips by Tod would be interesting to learn for DIY projects.

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