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Antique 1796 Light Cavalry sabre - needs no introduction.

Sabre and scabbard in generally good condition. Very well balanced.

Sword: 93 cm (measured in straight line) with 81 cm blade.
Scabbard: 82,5 cm

- I am not sure but I think the leather grip inside the guard might have been restored (or modified on purpose?). The grip feels great in hand.
- I did not find any maker's marks but I was told many 1796 Light Cavalry trooper swords were made without makerís marks and sold directly to regiments at the turn of the 18th Century.

The pictures below give a good indication of the condition.

I'm asking 500 euro + actual shipping cost. Open to offers. EU only please.

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sabre point

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sabre complete side 2

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sabre complete side 1