A small research about the use of swords
Hi there!

I was wondering if I could ask you to post / comment a photo of your sword, and shortly describe what you use it for (HEMA / bohurt / practice cutting / display / reenactment / etc...), and why?

The reason for this is, I'm doing a bit of research as a college project. I want to find out the use of swords (besides ceremonial uses) in the 21st century, and the dominant design of swords in use (European, Asian, sharp, blunt, functional, non-functional, etc....).

I would be very grateful if you could share some info and thoughts on this topic :) Thank you.
All of my swords are on display...simply because I like looking at them, and enjoy the compliments I get from visitors. There are only a couple that I actually cut with, and that's because I find it a great stress reliever. Day gone bad? Kill a few water bottles...instant gratification! ;) .....McM
Mine are reproductions of European historical swords and daggers, from Viking age to the early medieval period. They are sharp, and only get used to cut targets. I don't belong to any organized groups centered around old weaponry.
Test cut practices in swordsmanship.

I own a Hanwei practical hand and a half for sparring and stage combat, and a Hanwei Great Sword for cutting.
i own an blunt byzantine style arming sword i use as part of a wider reenactment kit

i also own...

a tulwar that i use on medieval show displays
a smallsword ive pulled apart also used on a sword rack for public fiddling about to show how it compares to rapiers
i have this old chinese broadsword thats kinda like a wushu blade i think that i also used to use to cut up bottles.

i also own a 'longsword' from a flea market from an anime that i bought because it was cheap, and thats about it.

i also own a bunch of LARP swords.

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