This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I recently started practising HEMA and I'm looking for a good Italian-style rapier (blunt for training of course), preferably with a 2-ring or 3-ring guard and from a good maker like Marco Danelli, etc..

Blade length around 105-110cm (41.5-43inches), point of balance around 12.5cm (5inches) from the quillon block, weight around 1.3kg (2.9lbs).

I'm not looking for recommendations on makers, I have plenty of sources for that already, I want to see what people have to offer here first.

Both new and used equipment is fine, I'm also fine with having to do some work on it, it needs to be structurally sound though since it will have to be usable for the coming years.

I'm also interested a separate 2-ring or 3-ring rapier guard without a blade (preferably with pommel included).

Please note that I'm located in The Netherlands, Europe. Importing swords of any type is no problem here but be aware that the sword/hilt will probably have to be shipped internationally.