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I am selling a Ring hilt type X I commissioned from Yeshuas sword. I placed this commision when I was relatively new to swords. I just received it and while I admire the sword and see it as quite beautiful; my interests are in Iron age swords. Specifically of Ireland. I like the Irish Sub Roman swords. I find them very interesting.

So I shall sell this sword for funds for an irish project.

It is 36 inches over all. The blade is 2.6" (almost 2 5/8") wide at the shoulders and is still 2" wide out at about 6" from the tip. The blade is 30" long.

The grip and scabbard are made of a wood called Wenge. The scabbard is lined with black fleece.

The hilt and pommel are made of bronze.

This is made out of a high carbon tool steel.

These are pictures Ernie took but if you would like more I can send you pictures.

I am asking 400 for this sword. Free shipping to the Continental US.

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