English 1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword
I've been commissioned to make a sword not unlike the English 1796 Heavy Cavalry.

My researches so far haven't thrown up a couple of measurements I'm looking for, and I have no access to any originals.

If anyone here has one in their collection (repro or original), I'd be grateful if you could let me know the dimensions of the disc guard and the width from the bend at the start of the knucklebow to the end of the rear quillon. The rest I have or can infer.

Thanks in advance.
Wouldnt really encourage copying from repros, they are a pale imitation of the originals and the 1796HCs are maligned enough as it is by people swinging around indian copies and thinking they handle like the real deal

Curious, could I ask how you will be handling the blade? The originals have a VERY aggressive taper towards the end that you wont find in modern repros

Fyg, grip measurements of mine by Hadley. The dish has a slight curve around the rim too
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]
Massive thanks for that Nicky! Those pictures are perfect, and fill me in on some extra details (although I had noticed the curve of the disc). Greatly appreciated.

My customer wants this sharp for cutting. I imagined the distal taper would be not unlike the 1796 Light, which I've made a few of earlier, and have at least been able to handle an original example.

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