Radaelli, Parise, Solingen, Pineapple epee & Hungarian s
Hello all!

What a start to the New Year!

Talk is cheap, so I'll get straight in to posting some pictures of some sabres, blades, and a 1913 Patton Sabre mask I acquired and I'm trying to research on.

  • Where are they from?
  • What date might they be?
  • What would they be worth?
  • Do you own something similar?
  • Etc.

EDIT: Okay after trying to resize them I'm adding in these links to the pictures instead as the compression really removes important details...

As for the attached files below, these are a matching pair (with spare blades, of which the two varieties can be seen in the above Various blades link) that I am selling (while I'd rather keep them as collection items) to a lovely local antiques dealer.

However she has requested a ball park figure as to asking price, and I figured that while doing so I might as well do more research on them!

What I think know at the moment: They're a "Hungarian" style hilt, chromed steel, wood canted grip. Fittings also steel and were chromed at one point. One is in original condition, the other I carefully tried to stabilise. No markings on hilt parts. I'm thinking they're around the 1960s-70s?

Also was going for an asking price of AUD200 each, is that about right or am I massively over inflating them?

 Attachment: 84.3 KB

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And the mask in question!
I've actually owned two of these (this being the second).

The first I gave away to a local WWI Light Horse re-enactment troop. It had the big, head pad, some straps, and remnants of a liner around the ears.

 Attachment: 75.41 KB

 Attachment: 88.29 KB

 Attachment: 80.9 KB

And more sabres!
Here is the compressed version of the first link in my first post.
It doesn't show as much detail obviously, but for those who are wary of clicking outward bound links!

 Attachment: 236.75 KB

Your pineapple tip would look like an improvised italian ww1 trench mace (usually an austrian implement but this might be an answer) or some ww2 contraption with the same purpose (australians faced italians in North Africa ww2, so it could be a vet bringback. In ww1 afaik only english troops were employed on the italian front as support)

Maybe a matching of a mortar spent shell and an half grenade. I don't like firearms so I cannot say more
Thanks for your thoughts Bruno, oddly enough you're not too far off with the dates!

These are some notes William V. over at SF very kindly gave me:

... interesting accumulation of fencing articles. I can shed some light at least on some of them:

a) The "Szermierz" marking is Polish and means "Fencing".

b) The "ladder-mark" belonged to Filiberto Sauro in Verona.

c) The Three-legged-Mark with the letters "CJF" is a bit more complicated. The mark was first entered in the Solingen register of marks in 1864 by Joerges and Falkenberg. So the letters stand for their names. Unfortunately I have no idea what the "C" means.

d) The "Conti Milano" epee blade dates to the early 1950ies when this style of tip came into fashion.

So we have a strange mix of Italian, German, and now Polish makers!
If you're on Facebook (or has somebody you can ask to post for you), the "Military and Classical Sabre" group would probably be able to get an ID on these much faster.

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