Recommended Armourers
I began collecting a year and a half ago and was lucky enough to stumble upon the Mercenary's Tailor. I would have liked to assemble my entire kit from them but that is sadly not possible. As I am ready to continue getting everything together I would appreciate any suggestions from the community as to whom I should turn. In a perfect world the armour would be of the same quality as Allan's but will not break the bank.

Thanks in advance.
There have been a lot of great work coming out of the Czeck Republic lately. Great craftsmanship and very well priced compared to armourers from America and Europe ;)

some that come to mind are:

Maxim Suprovich with
Jiří Klepač with ( which I think still dosn't have their forge up and running still :/ )

I'v had many friends recommend Maxim from wildarmoury a lot. Hes done a lot of business with foreigners and hes been pulling off some amazing work! :D

Hope this helps
Armory Marek is on to check and see what Arma Bohemia has in stock.
May try:

He makes very good stuff and also Tomasz is one of the best from this part of Middle-East Europe.

Mike from Poland
Thanks to everyone for the recommendations. I now have a good point to begin my search.
You would do well to look into Armour Vanek in the Czech Republic. He does some VERY nice helmets.
I have been using for several years now. Very good quality. This year I registered an order with them. I have been sending e-mails since May (5 e-mails) to and he has yet to answer any of them. I got on their facebook page & found out they have had some issues with infighting & at least 1 armourer has left them. Unfortunately I can no longer support them since they refuse to answer any e-mails. Fortunately I have not invested any money with them as yet this year. Just ONE e-mail Milan, answer please...
Bestarmour back in business apparently
So I finally received a reply from Milan. They do such good work that I am going ahead with the transaction. However, I still feel 5 months for a reply to an e-mail us unacceptable regardless of the situation (excepting emergencies of course). I had a pending order which he promised to address on or about July of 2016. It was October before I got a reply to my "what's happening" e-mails. If he runs an internet business & he has pending orders, he needs to respond to the e-mails with NO exceptions (IE: leave a buddy in charge if necessary). Leaving someone hanging is not good for business & will potentially terminate any new business from new buyers. No one likes to be ignored.
Thanks for sharing the bits about the vendor struggles. Always good to have open eyes regarding these things!

Has Best Armour gotten back on track since last year? A decade ago they were our go-to armoury for gauntlets but the communication problems last year were disconcerting.

I have a senior student looking for custom sized gauntlets for full contact armoured combat. She has small hands, off the shelf won't do.

Eric Dubé still does great work. He can be reached at the Duché de Bicolline, a larp town where he does double duty as official photographer. Can't give you an idea as to rates.

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