Share your collections!!
Hello guys!

I've been collecting for about 12 years now and I've gotten very proud of the swords and daggers I have.
Nearly all my swords have accompanying daggers or knives with scabbards and belts.

The Scabbards should be on display as some of them are so well made (CF,DBK etc) But i find that my swords can rust in the scabbards.

Albion Armorers Pompeii gladius with Angus trim blade- mark morrow Roman knife
Bks custom gladius (these guys are awful - unless it's in stock don't buy anything) bks pugio
Patrick Barta from temple- excellent Viking sword- custom tinker seax
Angus trim blade with custom Templar hilt from Ernie (yeshua swords) darksword templar dagger
Original Christian Fletcher and Angus trim redeemer - Mathew grisiboski (??) dagger
New generation Angus trim Italian falchion - atrim dagger
Angus trim single hander 1320 believe - super light and fast - Todd stuff dagger
Angus trim single hander with yeshua custom handle - aragorn style knife (lonely wolf forge)
Angus trim single hander 1211 - scabbard being remade - atrim dagger
Dynasty forge Katana - no tanto

Christina Fletcher and Angus trim ranger with armart eleven dagger
Christina Fletcher and Angus trim (non elven) Glamdring with atrim dagger

Polish saber by Krzysztof Panas -
17th century court sword sharp by darkwood armoury
Custom Scottish basket hilt made by darkwood armoury with a custom tinker blade- with a tinker dirk
Custom sharp rapier by darkwood - sings in the hand
Arms and armor reikswert sword with matching darkwood dagger
Vladimir cervenka Spanish sword
Vladimir cervenka 15th century hunting sword with toddstuff bruenware
Tinker 15th century messed with tinker dirk

Schinova - Angus trim blade Darkwood Armoury - amazing sword. Tinker Cenqueada to match
Angus trim war sword with atrim dagger

Not pictured yet:

Zombie tools saber
Bks dwarven arming sword with lonely mountain forge dagger

Many axes, hammers and spears- 1000 Todstuff Crossbow

All and all not bad a bad collection.
I am hunting for a very larger two handed sword (lutel maybe), A Bronze sword (Neil Burrage) and a CF/Atrim Narsil.
Unfortunately i am just running out of room!!

I know there's some guys who have some excellent collections out there. Please show them off!

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Looking good Lance! It's like a timeline of swords!
My collection is best seen here - - in the Albums section of myArmoury.
Any impressions on Mr. Cervenka's spanish sword?

Here are some of my swords:

First & second pictures, left to right:

- Hanwei - German trident main gauche
- Hanwei - Practical 43'' rapier
- Arms & Armor - Custom muster practice rapier
- Darkwood (with Del Tin's blade) - Pappenheimer practice rapier
- Darkwood - Custom practice main gauche
- Arms & Armor - German rapier's main gauche
- Arms & Armor - German rapier with custom 42'' blade
- Vladimir Cervenka - German swept hilt rapier
- Vladimir Cervenka - German swept hilt rapier's main gauche
- Vladimir Cervenka - Floral rapier
- Vladimir Cervenka - Floral rapier's main gauche

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

Third picture, left to right:

- Armour Class - Acid etched Scottish basket hilt
- Patrick Barta (TEMPL) - Type 2 schiavona
- Vladimir Cervenka - Type 1 schiavona

[ Linked Image ]

Fourth picture, left to right:

- Condor - Simbad Machete
- Arms & Armor - Grunwald
- Valiant Armoury - Hedemark
- Antique Odd Fellows patriarchs militant ceremonial sword

[ Linked Image ]

Fifth & sixth picture:

- Cold Steel - Shamshir

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

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