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For sale: a lantern
Price: 50 (58dollars)+shipping (7-15 to most places)
Located in Estonia, will ship anywhere
Made by me. Built for an event our group had, but i made a few more than needed.

Made of wood, leather and animal bladder.

What makes this lantern special, is that although completely historical-looking from the outside, it actually has a LED bulb as a source of light instead of a candle. The lantern is powered by a changeable 9 volt battery, available pretty much anywhere.

To switch on the light, one simply has to push a small wooden peg on the underside. In order to change the battery just unscrew the corc under the bottom of the lantern and attach a new battery (check the pictures).

The battery will last for 15+ hours, getting gradually dimmer after about 10h.

We have found this to be a good alternative to messing around with candles and fire, without losing much of the historical feeling of the event.

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