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I have for sale or trade a beautiful stone bow made by Leo Todeschini. It is his interpretation of a late 15th or early 16th c. English stone bow. It shoots a .575 round lead ball about 30 meters with strength and accuracy; a little better with clay or marbles. I have loosed about 300 shots; it's fun. The pull is hard; it's about 120 pounds and there's no crank or goat's foot, but it is very enjoyable to shoot and most people can pull it with both hands. I will include my belt and pad (leather work by me). There's nothing wrong with it; stocked in cherry, magnificent wood and metalwork and a bone trigger plate. I happen to do late 14th c. events and this is just too far out of period for my kit. It was,. on the other hand, instrumental in my writing of a fantasy novel :) I paid 1800 pounds UK; I'm willing to part with it for 1500 pounds or equivalent trade. That's 300 pounds off and no waiting :)

Trades -- armour of the late 14th c.; helmets, anything my group can use; perhaps a really high end sword, like an Albion Alexandria or equivalent. Or a mix with cash.



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