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Hanwei Bastard Sword (antique finish)

I bought the sword two years ago and it only served as a piece of decoration on my wall. It has never been cut with, therefore the sword and the blade are in good condition. As part of the “antique finish” sent to me by the retailer, the scabbard has some minor scratches and a bigger srcatch (see foto).

The price of the sword is €270 plus the cost of shipping (depending on your location, but will be an insured package).

In order to minimise efforts and shipping costs I only sell within the EU.

Details: (company data)

Length of the blade: 98,43 cm
Width of the blade: 0,56 bis 0,41 cm
Length of grip: 28,89 cm
Grip material: leather
Total length: 127,32 cm
Weight: 1585 g
Scabbard: Wood with metal applications

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