This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I am raising money for a new project, hence I am offering these two items from my collection. Both have that fresh, just out of the box, new look, and were simply stored in a sword bag in my closet and not used for any cutting or even hung on the wall.

The first item is an Albion Regent, with dark burgundy wrapping and matching scabbard by DBK. You can see the exact scabbard on DBK's site, its the one from 2014. That's the scabbard which replicates the one shown on Durer's famous etching of The Knight and Death. The new cost of this combo would be $2540.,plus shipping. I am offering it for $ 2140., so that is a saving of $ 400. and no waiting, which can be over one year for both. I will eat half of the 3% Paypal fee, which I much prefer, and I will eat the UPS shipping cost. CONUS, only. I do not offer overseas shipping, due to "uncharted" customs problems at the buyer's end.

The second item is a Svante Nilsson sword, same condition as above. Again, never used for any purpose other than collection. A new Svante would cost $3,930., from Albion plus shipping. I offer this sword for $2,930., firm. I've priced it fairly for quick sale and don't wish to haggle. That is a savings of 1 grand. No waiting. Not bad. This sword does not have the wooden box, but has something extra that is more useful. It comes with a handsome, professionally made storage scabbard of black leather. That I estimate to be a $200. value additional, free with purchase of the sword. So, there it is. Paypal preferred, but will accept a check awaiting clearance. Again, I will eat half of the 3% Paypal fee, and shipping to CONUS by UPS is free. Please reply by personal message.