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I cleaned out a closet and found this hiding. I kept it for the blade with the intent to do a custom project at some point, but that ship has probably sailed for quite a while. So, I thought I would offer it up to someone else to pick up where I left off.

The Good: This is an AT dagger, one of the last two made and sold through All Saints Blades way back in the day. As pictured, I also have a spare pommel for it - the scent stopper I have screwed on and an acorn; I think the acorn was actually the original one as shipped to me from All Saints Blades. Lastly, I have three additional pommel nuts I had made locally.

The Not as Good: The dagger has been sleeping more or less unattended for nearly a decade. I cleaned off the oil I last put on the blade before taking the picture, and the blade is in pretty good shape (edges are as-new sharp), but the whole could probably use a good clean up and polish to bring it up to "modern" standards. Also, keep in mind this was an early AT piece, so the edges have pretty pronounced bevels and were clearly hand done by eye, so again to bring it up to "modern" standard, it might take a little love to get the geometry "right" to today's discerning eye. Lastly, notice in the photo the bit of a gap in the hilt assembly between the scent stopper pommel and the grip core. This pommel (as shipped to me) for whatever reason has the pommel nut seized into the pommel... and it isn't straight... hence the new pommel nuts. I've only hand tightened it to keep all the pieces together. So, if someone wants to pair this blade with the scent stopper pommel, it will need to be separated from its pommel nut and a new one installed to get the hilt to tighten up as it should.

So, all that said, I'm parting with this as a project piece or DIY TLC project, and pricing accordingly. I would like $250 shipped CONUS for the dagger or best offer. Please do feel free to reach out with any questions. Thanks!

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