Ablion Knecht distal taper
I was wondering if anyone with a Albion Knecht might be able to provide, say 5-6, evenly spaced measurements of the spine thickness from hilt to tip?

Just trying to understand what the distal taper of the blade is like. I've heard that at the hilt the thickness is 8mm and it narrows down to 2mm near the tip. Other two handed messers that I have have a maximum thickness of ~5mm.


Total blade length for my Mk2 is 33.5 inches. I took measurements at the guard and every three inches. Distances are from the guard:

Guard: 8.00mm
+3": 7.50mm
+6": 6.50mm
+9": 6.00mm
+12": 5.75mm
+15": 5.25mm
+18": 5.00mm
+21": 4.50mm
+24": 4.50mm (yes, same as 21")
+27": 4.00mm+ (less than 4.25mm, but just over 4.00mm)
+30": 3.50mm
+33": 2.00mm

All measurements taken with simple, sliding, mechanical calipers and a Mk1 eyeball.
Hi Ian, How did your Swiss saber go test cutting?
Thank you so much Victor! Extremely grateful to you.

Hamish C wrote:
Hi Ian, How did your Swiss saber go test cutting?

It hasn't! Went and had it sharpened at Armour Class (excellent guys by the way), as I left the shop and got in my taxi, someone saw the sword, panicked and called the police. Two hours later I have two constables at my house, responding to a complaint of a man with a sword. They have taken the sword until the case is cleared. That was four months ago.

Pretty incredible, I know. In 'public' on an industrial complex for all of two minutes was enough to catch someones attention I guess. My fault I suppose for not thinking to bring a bed sheet or something to wrap it up in.
Your welcome Ian.

About your Swiss saber, Louisiana constables? I'm thinking your sword may be doing a bit of "test cutting" on gators in the swamp. Hope you get it back soon. After you do, maybe consider a move west - we'll be able to open carry ours soon. :lol:
That is a serious bummer.I can't understand why a simple explanation of getting it sharpened, perhaps a quick call to the sharpeners by the police, wouldn't have cleared this up immediately. Seems like a gross waste of police,( court ?)and your time as well. I hope you sabre is returned swiftly to you, in good condition.
Thanks guys, I hope its all sorted soon too.

Victor, I've been living in the UK for the past year, though it might have been trouble in LA as well. You can carry firearms in public, but bladed objects are still sometimes a no-no. Laws are weird.

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