Need casting help with sword project
I have a project I am working on, getting a stage blade made by Jesse Belsky but I need help with the guard. Do you guys know any craftsmen that cast bronze or various sword parts?
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For high end bronze stuff I might suggest Jeffrey Robinson:

Viking stuff:


One of our own forum members makes and sells pommels (and perhaps also guards), for very reasonable rates but I forget his username at the moment.
Well I used Tod's Foundry for my Eagle Headed walking stick project of a few years back.

I sculpted a wooden model, sent it to Tod where he made the mould for lost wax bronze casting.

I initially had 6 copies made, and later 4 more as he kept the mould and sent me back the original wooden model with the first batch of 6 copies.

This can be a bit expensive and not cost efficient for having just one casting made, so it's preferable to have at least 3 or 4 castings made at any one time.

You can e-mail him to discuss it and get a quote on the price.

Images of the castings and original wooden model below.

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Stick19 32.JPG

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Stick19 33.JPG

Jean, I forgot you used Tod's Foundry for your project. What a nice reminder of what you were able to accomplish and how well Tod did the work with you. Good stuff.

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