A&A #191 Oakeshott Sword
I was wondering if anyone either has one or has seen one up close and personal to offer their opinion of the sword in a whole? Thanks in advance!
I have seen/handled the original. The original is a beautiful sword.

The A&A 'replica' gets the hilt shape/feel quite right (though without the silver overlay --I think the only recreation of this ever done was by Michael Pikula http://myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?p=278765)

I take some issue with the blade, A&A's is NOT hollow-ground as the original is, which looks/feels a little bit different. They can, however, and have done, the sword with a custom holow-ground blade to match the original.. and I think this is a very worthwhile 'upgrade'.


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I owned the A&A offering for years before selling it off. I thought it was a very nice sword, on the whole. As pointed out above, it's not an exact replica, but it looked great and felt great. A very nice piece at a reasonable price.
Thanks guys! I'm deciding on what I want to purchase next, after my Vigil arrives and that A&A has always caught my eye.

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