Michael Pikula's 7 Pattern Welded Viking Swords
Hello all,

I apologise if this has been brought up, but I have not seen a post. It is not precisely my place.. so if this needs to be taken down so be it.. However:

Has anyone seen the recent lot of seven pattern welded viking swords with iron furniture done by Michael Pikula? He is selling them for pennies. $3100 with scabbards (in which the slide is under the leather as it should be) shipped.
For a handmade pattern-welded sword, made in a non-East European country... this is pretty amazing. The furniture, aesthetic, and overall balance look historically completely spot on. The hilt material looks beautiful.

I purchased a custom viking sword from him a couple of years ago, and cannot recommend his work more highly. I firmly believe he is one of, if not the, most skilled smiths on the market. And with these, one is getting a 'custom' sword without any wait.



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Ah! Apparently he is down to five as of today!

Now would be a good time to have money.... :cry:

Although, I do own one of Michael's swords. Not pattern welded, but very nice.... so, I kind of know what I'm missing... :cry:
Those are very nice. I should throw some things up on the Marketplace to finance one. Sadly, I'm at the point where my collection needs to be zero-sum; anything new must replace something currently there.

If anyone is on the fence, I can vouch for Michael's work. I have a falchion and a seax of his and they're fantastic. I'd love to add more of his stuff to my collection.

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