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Workshop process
Hallo my friends. In that post I will show you news from my workshop. That will be details, tutorials, process... I will write and show you my swords, reconstructions of axes and spears. I hope you will enjoy it.

Since five days I work on sword type XVIII

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Looking good, is that based on a sword in the Wallace Collection?
Thank you. Yes, you're right I am inspired the sword form that collection. I hope it will be similar :-).

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pommel & guard/cross :))))

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Details of sword...
weight 1222g

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Wow, that's looking very nice!
Yes, looking very nice indeed. Maybe not true to the original, but I can see a couple of coins or medallions in those pommel recesses. That's just me though. :) ......McM
Thank you very much for your opinion. The sword after hardening is very equal, and it has great balance. I sharpened it with a whip to 800 so it is very sharp. Pictures of that work after all will be ready I will put here for you.
Nice work!

I hadn't thought of making a swaging die for the tang/blade seat location on a cross guard. Brilliant idea!
The next step:)))

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Oakeshott type XVIII
Full functional, made with high quality steel 51CrV4 , hardened 54HRC
Total lenght: 86cm
Blade lenght: 69cm
Blade width at the base: 6,3cm
Balance: 8cm
Grip lenght: 9,8cm
Weight 1247g
Edge is sharp
XIV-XV century

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I'm sure that's an XV not an XVIII?

The original is even listed as an XV on this site, in the features section.
the difference between both types is mostly about the point shape - and then whole blade geometry. they are also clasified in different "swords families"- according to their hilts in general .
sometimes this is not clearly definible, I suppose :) Original sword is the Type XV, obviously.
Very nice!

Oakeshott classified the museum piece as an XV, but stated that it had been subject to extensive honing so might have originally had a profile more like XVIII.

I realize that you are well-known for some amazing axes and spears (that Franciscan axe in particular looks great), but your sword-making is getting really good! Each sword you make shows greater attention to detail and proportions. This one in particular looks looks amazing!

I look forward to seeing what you produce in the near future! :cool:
My friends, in my opinion the sword is TypeXVIII. Althought in the book Ewart Oakeshott it is in section of swords Type XV. When you see the pictures with types of swords, it fit better to Type XVIII because the total lenght of sword is shorter than it Type XV, also the shape of blade. In book "Sword in Hand" you can see picture of that sword and it is Type XVIII.

Jeremiah Swanger
Thank you for your nice opinion about my work. Now I will make only swords and I will try to make it perfect and similar as historical finds.

And to that sword... it is not so important if it is Type XV or Type XVIII. The sword is very straight and it is very good hardened, very sharp, I just finis the scabbard for it and soon it will be for sale :-).

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The long sword Type XVa - 118,5cm

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Disregard this post. I will no longer be posting on this thread.

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Jon Makar wrote:
Wow! This Type XVa is fantastic (and, even better, XVa's are my favourite Type)! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

P.S. are you related to the other swordsmith, Mateusz Sulowski?

Thank you for your nice opinion. I think that I will make the scabbard some two weeks and it will be ready.
Mateusz Sulowski is my brother. Some time ago in better time we worked together but we was making a little different pieces.
Next step:)))

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