1796 Pattern British Sea Pistol replica, made in 1970s
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active


I have this Flintlock Pistol I want to sale or trade, $270

It isn't in firing shape, there's a gap between the touchhole and flashpan, the frizzen spring to too strong, and the mainspring is a bit out of touch; it doesn't stay in place as it should.

This pistol is of 66 caliber, it's something I finished myself, just the wood, as it was originally a kit.
I honestly think just some additional gunsmithing is required, however that's just too out of my skill level right now.
I have no idea who the maker of this was, only that there's a crown on the lockplate, and that this was made in the 70s. This is similar to some Japanese copies made. there's a belt hook on the other side, I'll see if I can attack a photo of that too.



By the way, that mold is NOT included.

The pistol has some minor dings on the pommel, that's because I have indeed used it as a little bit of an hammer, but nothing heavy, just used the ramrod and the pommel to hammer out stuck bullets in a barrel of one of my percussion revolvers.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Since it's an older firearm, we can ship this back and forth all we want without any sort of background, pre-1899 design weapons are not classified as firearms by national law

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