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I have for sale a one-off custom reproduction of a 13th to 14th Century XIIIa style English Bastard Sword or short Longsword (George Silver would be happy) with type J1 pommel and thin custom grip.

Please note that it is full tang & hot peened, NOT a screw on pommel. Also the pictures were taken at an angle, so the blade's profile taper is more even & less acute in person than the picture seems.

Perfect for HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) or WMA (Western Martial Arts) & perfect for Fiore dei Liberi, early Liechtenauer, or English Longsword, although the tip would need to be rounded & stoppered.

It has a rebated 1.5-2mm edge, although with enough effort it could be sharpened to make a tatami cutter.
Alternatively you could just pose with it & hang it over your mantelpiece.

It is carbon steel, so you MUST take care of it or it WILL rust. Respect & look after your training tools. I will clean it up a bit before sending it off to you.

Would prefer pick-up, but I am willing to post by courier. Please let me know if you have a preferred courier service and I will check the cost with them.

Please see below for specs:

Total Length: 1150mm.
Blade Length: 890mm.
Blade Width Base: 53mm.
Blade Width Tip: 20mm tapering to 5mm.
Hilt Length (grip only): 200mm.
Weight: 1700g.
Point of Balance (from cross-guard): 90mm.
Point of Percussion (as above): 570mm.
Point of Rotation (as above): 250mm.

It is of unknown make, but is carbon steel though of what sort I am unsure. It's withstood sparring previously. Sold as is.

Asking AUD $300.

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