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Selling a super rare Prussian cuirassier pallasch M1876.
Like the uihlan sabre 1873 this model was made up of French captured swords (M1854) after the Franco-Prussian War.

Regimental markings 2.K.5.26  for 2 Kurassier Regt. 5th squadron, weapon no 26 on the plate guard. The back of the blade is stamped with inspector mark over the French inscriptions Mfture Chatlreault Fevrier 1864 Dragons Mle 1854. Two poincons are visible in the side of the blade but covered with the leather buffer.
Black painted scabbard with single ring as per regulations.
The wire grip is in bad shape but not loose and the blade has a heavy black patina.
Nothing loose/broken
Total: 40''/102cm
Sword: 38.8''/98cm
Blade: 32''/81cm
Price is 435USD + 25$ shipping everywhere in N-S America. Overseas buyers please contact me