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Modern rapier made by Reves d'Acier which is located in Paris and make a broad selection of swords. Their rapiers are sturdy and very attractive and this one is a very nice and well made weapon that handles nicely. It can be easily disassembled for either cleaning, repair or blade switch.

Condition: overall good condition, blade is very fine save for a spot of rust dust at the tip, the hilt has no broken or damaged areas and the green felt in the inner shell holds very well. The blade is their shortened, historical type.

length: 41'' - 106cm
blade (ricasso to tip): 33 1/2'' - 85cm
handle: 3 1/2'' - 9cm
hilt: 7 1/2'' - 19cm

Price for each: asking 215USD + 35$ shipping anywhere in North-South America. Overseas contact me for postage rates: due to its massive size and shape shipping may be restricted.

link to the model: