Updates to The Marketplace forum:

The Marketplace forum has been wildly successful since its launch more than a decade ago. In that time, thousands of transactions have been made possible because of it. I'm pleased that so many things have been successfully bought, sold and traded on this site.

A couple simple but important features have been added:

Topic Titlles:

Members posting topics previously had to carefully type in a title that included a prefix such as "For Sale: " and had to get it exactly right to be accepted. This is no longer necessary. There is now a bullet selector on the posting page that lets one choose to post a "For Sale", "For Trade", "For Sale or Trade", or "Wanted" topic. The system will then add the appropriate prefix when displaying the topic.

Sorting Options:

Sorting through The Marketplace forum is now easier than ever. The ability to now sort topics by their type (sales, trades, etc.) is available through a pull-down menu. You can also search by status (sold, pending, found) and even combine these two.

Quick links have been added to the top of the forum to search for all active listings for sales, trades, sales/trades, and want ads. One click will show just what's relevant to you.

A lot of forums on the good ol' Interwebs make us have to search through an entire forum to find items that are still available for sale. These new sorting options and the continued use of the topic suffixes (SOLD, pending, REMOVED, etc.) make it an easy thing to see what's there!

I hope this makes it a lot easier to find the things you want.