This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Selling some bits, please contact me on here or my email at Payment to be made by paypal, shipping at cost! I'm located UK but will post worldwide.

Good Quality Leather Medieval Turn Shoes to fit a size 9 150

Lovely Pavel Mok Round Pommel Sword in Hand Stitched/ Dyed Leather Scabbard and Belt 350

Good Quality Ash Wasters x2 and Bucklers set x2 brand new and unused, perfect for training/ hema etc only 150 the set.

Stunning Hand Forged Spangen Helm was made for a display museum in sweden, very authentic finish and unworn very nice and will fit any size head. 300

Large Sized Nasal Helmet Mild Steel Welded with nice authentic finish Brand new, there are two of these are available. 120

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