Ronin Dojo Pro #10 Ko-Katana & #27 Katana
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

As the subject line states, I have for sale a Ronin Katana Dojo Pro model #10 Ko-Katana and a model #27 full-size Katana.

The Ko-Katana is solid and in excellent condition. I've cut a few water-filled milk jugs with it but otherwise it's been unused. It's a very strong, robust blade. It fits in the scabbard a bit tightly, but only slightly. I have not altered this sword in any way. It cuts very well against the light targets I've used it on. The sheath is also in excellent condition. Here's Ronin's webpage for this model:

The #27 full-size katana needs work. The blade is excellent and in great condition, but it needs to be re-mounted properly. I used it as a piece to experiment with, taking it apart to see how katana are put together (I had only owned European swords before getting these), and trying to put different guards and habaki, etc. on it. I have it "mounted" now, but only as a way to store the blade and ship it safely. It will need a bit of work to mount correctly with everything fitting snugly and safely. At the very least, I strongly suggest ordering and properly installing new mekugi to make sure the weapon is mounted securely as possible and will be safe to handle or cut with (I installed new mekugi from Ronin Katana but I'm not satisfied with them). It will also probably take a bit of filing and fitting to get the guard to fit snugly. (Also, the water buffalo horn piece which holds the sheath to the cord came off. But I will include it, and putting it back on is simply a matter of epoxying it.) Ronin's page for the #27 model is here:

I also have some various katana parts from my experiments. Some extra habaki, seppa, a guard, a cord. These will probably take some filing and/or fitting to use, if you choose to use them. The guard is unfortunately too thick to fit properly to the #27 katana, but perhaps with some careful file work on the base of the blade near the tang it could be made to fit correctly. Or you could simply use the original "water dragon" guard that is currently mounted on the #27, which fits better.

I'll sell everything together (both swords and the spare parts) for $365, and I'll pay for shipping in the continental U.S. I'm including all the spare parts I have: habaki, seppa, etc. since I won't need them for anything anymore once I sell these swords (note that the parts range from excellent to so-so condition).

I prefer PayPal. Send me a PM if you're interested. I prefer domestic buyers to avoid possible customs hassles, etc.


Here's the Ko-Katana (the white stuff on the blade is just wax from the inside of the sheath, presumably put there by Ronin Katana to protect from corrosion—it easily wipes off):

[ Linked Image ]

Here's the Model #27:

[ Linked Image ]

Side by side:

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

These are all of the spare parts I'll include:

[ Linked Image ]
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

The #27 full-size katana and spare parts are still available—I'm setting the price at $150 for the package and I'll take care of shipping within the continental US.

The ko-katana is no longer available.

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