This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I purchased this broken back style seax from Petr Florianek
Several years ago. It is in the same condition as if you were to purchase it from Petr today, but of course you would never get it for this price.

So for less than I paid for it and no pricey overseas shipping I am seeking a new home for this magnificent work. Note the inlayed strips on one side and the silver plate on the other. The handle is up to Petrís high standard with a well detailed sheath.

4.5 inch blade About 9.5 overall

It is as new going straight to a display case when I got it. Thick .25 inch stock.

$700 shipped free in US. Paypal without fees please.

I still have the other seax by Lech for sale.

Thanks for looking

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