H/T Norman sword: Twisted pommel?...
H/T Norman owners---Is your pommel slightly twisted on the tang? I was in a sword-polishing mood yesterday, and as I was cleaning my Norman--I noticed the pommel is *ever so slightly* twisted when looking down and comparing it to the guard. Not enough to be a problem, and *barely* noticeable...unless you are looking for it. Just wondering if this is a common thing, or if mine is just *special*. :) .....McM
The H/T Norman is pretty much my favorite budget sword so figured I'd chime in with a bit of experience that might be relevant. These swords feel tight and well put together compared to most other options in their price range but they aren't pressed fit metal-on-metal like Albions, the pommel and guard are a close fit but the slack is taken up with wooden splinters just like on many originals. It's possible yours is shimmed a little off center.
Thanks, Mike. You are probably right about the shims. I'm not about to go twisting on it though! :lol: As I said...it's just barely noticeable, doesn't affect the performance(which is outstanding), and I think even lends a bit to it's character. :) It's still in the top tier of my favorites. I'm thinking hard on a grip re-do anyway, so I might see what that brings about. Then, of course, the stock scabbard would have to go bye-bye. ;) :D ....McM
Mine is on the money.

Regards, Jon
Then I guess that does make mine *special* ! :lol: It's a keeper either way! :D .....McM

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