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The last sword that goes from my collection is my Angus Trim AT 1555 (Oakeshott XVIIIa)

Again bought in 2005, direct from Angus in Seattle, it is in excellent condition.
See pictures here on dropbox:

This sword was the first item in my collection, it is a replica of a medieval sword, but does not have the pedigree like a Peter Johnson sword of course. Nevertheless, I liked it very much and it was the one that gave me all the excitement you experience when unpacking your first real sword from the delivery box :eek:

Here are the technical details:

Overall Length: 127,2 cm
Blade Length: 98,2 cm, diamond cross section, no fuller
Hilt Length: 28,5 cm
Pommel length: 4.8 cm
Guard width: 21,5 cm, bow-tie style

Weight: 1,24 kg

The AT 1555 is comparatively light for its length and would be a quick weapon to fight with.

I would sell it for $200 = 200, again preferrably in the EU but also to the US. The price would include post and package, but not customs duties (not applicable in EU anyway).

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In case of questions or interest please send personal message.