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I want to sell my Albion Ritter sword (Oakeshott XI, AD 1000-1300).

I bought it together with a fitting leather scabbard and man-at-arms belt from Christian Fletcher, Nampa, Idaho, in 2006. Both are in excellent condition.
The blade is from Albion, New Glarus, Wisconsin, and Christian gave it a light brown leather grip matching with its scabbard. Both are on sale together, see pictures here on dropbox (if access problems, please message):

The sword measures are:
Overall length: 102,3 cm
Blade length: 85,7 cm
Hilt length: 16.4 cm
Pommel length: 4,7 cm
Guard width: 20,4 cm

Weight: 1,236 kg

Blade material: 1075 steel, tempered
Crossbar and Pommel: cast iron
Grip: birch wood, cord and brown leather

I would sell all together for $600 = 600, preferrably within the EU as I reside in Germany. As I know that most visitors of this forum are from the US, I would of course sell to US as well. The problem might be import taxes/customs duties. Both products originated in the US and you would re-import them. I have no idea if customs applies in this case.

The price includes package and post, but not customs.

Please post by private message in case of questions and interest.