Another recent addition to my collection. I don't think there is anything remarkable about this pulwar but I would be interested in any feedback anyone woulkd like to give. Bought at auction the catalogue description was as follows:

19th CenturyIndian Pulovar (sic) Sword 29 inch single edged slightly curved blade with sharpened back edge point. Narrow back edge fuller and short forte fuller,both with line edge decoration. Steel animal head quillons curving towards the blade. Double pierced langets. Steel hemispherical pommel with line decoration.

My stats:
Weight: 2lb 2oz (0.96kg)
Length overall: 35'' (88.5cm) Blade: 29.5'' (75cm)
POB: 7'' (18cm) from hilt
Profile taper: 1.52'' (38.6mm) at ricasso, 1.22'' (31mm)at mid blade, 1.03'' (26.2mm) 2 inches from tip.
Distal taper 0.24'' (6.1mm) at ricasso, 0.19'' (5mm)at mid blade,. 0.10'' (2.6mm) 2 inches from tip.

There are no markings at all. I don't think the blade is of European origin but I don't think it is Wootz either. I will include a USB microscope picture of the blade, it shows some stiation and light pitting but no sign of a Wootz pattern. (Also posted on other forums)

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