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Prices are not set in stone

White and red "norman" helm (not sure what this is supposed to be), my guess is 14 ga all around, don't have calipers to test though, sorry. $85 plus shipping

measurements - 28 outer circumference. probably best for a 22 1/2 to 23 in head 8 in from ear to ear 11 in from back to nose/bar grill roughly 12 from top to bottom

Blue and orange sugarloaf - 14 ga $185 plus shipping best for 22 1/2 inch head

Cuisses - leather and steel, knees are banged up but good for loaner gear or start up - $75
15 in from top to bottom inside of cop 6 inches

Elbows - plastic barrel - $40 13 inches long 6 inches iside of cop

lamellar torso - $200 + shipping 23 inches wide when laid flat - fits 46 chest perfectly. Best for someone 5'10 to 6'0

Rattan mace with noodle foam as head, covered in layers of duck tape. $15 and shipping

Plywood shield,covered in yellow cloth - $20 and shipping

Can send pics.