This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hey everyone! I am going off to college so in turn I need to sell my armor :(
I have used all of this armor in my reenactment group (force of light HEMA) so expect a few small dents or scratches.
Some of these Items are made by the Mercenary's tailor so I would love to see it's continued use!
Its been a while since I used this or partook in reenactment so I have forgotten some medieval vocab, I apologize.

PM me for more angles of the armor or any questions you may have!
For some reason the images look horrible when I upload them so please PM me for better ones!

Bascinet with butted flat ring aventail-$230
14 Gauge Steel
It fits my huge 26" head but I have removed the liner from it in order to do so (I still have it) I have put foam in the top to lower some impact force which can be removed if desired.

Mercenary's Tailor 14th century breastplate with lames and tassets-$450
16 Gauge Steel
Fits a 46-48 inch chest with a decently large gambeson on. I can take pictures and measure my chest size for reference (I have lost 30lbs since I bought it)
The breastplate is very well articulated and will allow for sitting, crouching, squatting and getting back up with ease.
The breastplate is very well built and also has a V shaped stop rib to deflect glancing blows.

Mercenary's Tailor arms and shoulders-$230
16 Gauge Steel
These arms will fit just about anyone, I can take specific measurements if needed.
Like the Merctailor's other items these are very well articulated and allow for great range of motion.

Clam shell Gauntlets-$300
14-16 Gauge steel
These gauntlets fit my large square hands well and have leather gloves to go with them. They have saved my fingers from being crushed countless times and have padding in the thumbs.

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