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If I recall correctly, Museum Replicas called this piece a Scottish axe. It is surprisingly high quality and looks like it could have been made by a skilled American blade smith.

The axe is 63.3 long with a nice hardwood shaft 53.1 in length.

The axe head is 17.8 point to point and 21.2 measured along its circumference. It has a 4 long back spike, and the overall width of the axe head including back spike is 11.2

The axe is in excellent condition and has spent its entire life as a wall hanger. The axe head has developed a very slight light brown patina. The axe head is very securely attached to the pole.

Because this piece is oversized, the buyer will be charged actual shipping. Once I have the ship-to zip code, the buyer will be provided shipping costs.

Asking $75 plus shipping. PayPal preferred. Seller will pay fees.

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