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Dan Howard wrote:
Yep. They would especially like it because of the sword "angle". They could spin this out in any number of directions.

Of course it could backfire and make those involved look like nutjobs if it's the wrong reporter.
Just an update; so far, Service Alberta is actively investigating this, and has contacted FIT, but has not yet received a response (my guess is they're hoping they'll simply go away like everyone else has). I'll base my decision on how to proceed on their recommendation / findings.

In the meantime I've contacted the folks on the FiT FB page who have complained about delinquent deliveries or late reimbursement payments and encouraged them to read these posts, and I also encourage them to pipe up and reply to these posts, as I have directed Service Alberta to read these and other posts about FiT to let them know that I am not the only one experiencing these problems from FiT.

The other suggestions that folks have presented are good ones, and I HAVE thought of them and looked into them (i.e. the consumer report via the newspaper of television/radio) but have not acted on them yet until I receive the outcome from this investigation.

Ben has recently contacted me, and essentially told me to shut up and leave him alone and that he'll pay me when he has the money, but as more and more people contact me privately and tell me he tells them the same thing, the more I'm convinced that's a bold-faced lie.

Still I'm hoping for a happy ending.
I advise caution about trying to use the media to get a result in your favour.

They aren't working for you, they just want a story then move on to the next one. You have no control over how things get reported and how you are portrayed. This a nuclear option and the blowback may not be worth it.

You have an official, funded organisation working for you right now. It may take longer but you are more likely to get some sort of result.
Afternoon forum. I recently realized that David had messaged me on Facebook. I have been struggling to receive a Godwin Dagger from this site for a couple of years. Correspondence was similar and I believe I have also been barred from posting on their page. This guy is very dishonest and really gives most customers the run around. My friend has agreed to help me take this case to court. He is licensed in the state where this guy does business. I will try my best to help international customers because it is often an incredible pain to deal with shady businesses in the states. When I have any updates I will let you guys know.
Behaviour like that form a company like this is unacceptable! This is just getting ridiculous!
J.--I don't think there ever was a 'company'. Just a website and a couple of guys with a plan--and not a very good plan, at that. I will say that they may have started out with good intentions---but that's pretty well out the window now. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the website and it's founders disappear altogether. And it really would be so easy for them to rectify.....either give the goods they promised, or suck it up and reimburse any paid money and admit failure. Sadly, I don't see either one of those being an outcome. I see--'run and hide, maybe they'll forget'. NOT. :mad: ............McM
Mark Moore wrote:
And it really would be so easy for them to rectify.....either give the goods they promised, or suck it up and reimburse any paid money and admit failure. Sadly, I don't see either one of those being an outcome. I see--'run and hide, maybe they'll forget'. NOT. :mad: ............McM

It would be easy to rectify if they had the cash to either pay them back or finish the project. Unfortunately I've seen many makers go off the rails and stop keeping their agreements over the years, and there are a variety of reasons why that happens. Most times these makers are extremely cash poor and any money that comes in gets spent immediately. Sometimes new project money goes to fund finishing old projects that are behind (think unintentional Ponzi scheme). Sometimes they know old customers are already mad so making them a little more mad isn't going to change much, and they focus on new customers and orders and hope those generate enough cash to finish up something older in the queue.

Most of these under delivering makers aren't bad people, they're bad business people who get stuck. They dig deep holes sometimes by quoting prices and delivery dates based on best case scenarios, then things go south for whatever reason. Sometimes they get deluged with orders from getting press on sites like this one (the forum effect) and get overwhelmed with more than they can handle. When you have a lot of orders and you over promise on delivery dates it doesn't take long to get hopelessly off track. Some makers get sick or develop injuries from their work, screwing up deadlines. Money gets spent on supplies, bills, etc. long before the project can get done. Then there's no money to finish.

Customers then rightfully ask for their money back but the money is long gone. It's unfortunate but I've seen this happen a lot through the years.
Yeah, Chad...You said it right. I wasn't so much implying they were 'bad people' in general---just poor businessmen. I have no personal involvement with them, but I ALMOST did--years ago. I'm just really glad I never followed through with it, and really sympathize with those who did. :\ As I said, I just really don't see a happy ending here for ANYONE involved--be it FIT or their customers. All we can do is wish the best for all parties. :) .......McM
Personally, I think Chad hit the nail on the head. If you go to FiT's website, it certainly supports this theory, as does the FB page. As I mentioned in my recent post, Ben has been saying outright that he does not have the money to pay me at this time, as opposed to the lies previously (i.e. money is forthcoming next week... and that's a direct quote from one of his emails).
Still no update... not much of one anyway. Alberta Services has tried contacting FiT and is being ignored (no surprise there) and have told me they will be forced to make a decision soon, with or without Ben's input. Have decided to post this story on every similar website forum I can find, but that's the extent of it. When there is a final ruling, it'll be posted too.
Thanks for bringing this back up. What do you think Alberta Services will do?.......McM
Not really sure since it's an international matter. I doubt very much they can get me my coin back. At this point I'm hoping they can work with the State of Minnesota to impose a court-ordered fine or other such penalty that would somehow prevent them from pulling the same stunt they pulled on me on others. IRS tax audit might bring things to light. All I know is I work very hard for my money, and don't like when it is stolen. Others shouldn't have to go through that either, and a lot of folks on this forum have. And a lot of others I have talked to.

Some days I just get a bee in my bonnet about this sort of stuff. Today is such a day.
Well...you have every right. That's a pretty big damn bee!....McM
This will likely be my last update, unless Mr. Rial cares to comment... heard from Alberta Consumer Services today. After a lengthy investigation, they are closing the file, as there is little they can do, as this is an international matter. FiT has refused to respond to their queries, as they did with the Minnesota Attorney-General and the BBB. So it turns out that in a scamming operation, that if you ignore anyone with legal authority, they really do go away eventually.

So, it seems Mr. Rial, unfortunately, will get to keep my hard-earned money. The only chance I would have, according to the experts, would be to issue a lawsuit in small-claims court, which would wind up costing me a lot more than he owes.

So, he took my money, I got no product, he promised me a refund, I got none. I don't want to call him a thief and a liar, but the Collins dictionary defines both as the following:

Thief: A person who steals something from another person.

Liar: A person who lies or who has lied repeatedly.

Well, it looks like I don't have to. Collins put it quite nicely. If you buy from this company, you stand a very good chance of getting ripped off too.

Signing off.
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