1872 repeating Military Pistol PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY!!
1872 repeating military pistol. Numbers match on all of the parts. Help identify and value.

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That is a Bavarian Werder cavalry pistol, Model 1869.

These were designed by Johan Ludwig Werder based on his 1868 rifle. They were one of the first centre fire pistols developed for actual use --designed to (reportedly) pierce a steel cavalry breastplate at 50m. Known as the 'lightning pistol' for their high rate of fire.

The action works by as a single shot loading from the top via tilting block action. The lever on the right side closes the chamber and cock the pistol. After pulling the trigger, the forward lever (within the trigger guard) releases the bolt that moves down, ejecting the empty case and re-exposing the chamber.

They were apparently deemed quite heavy, and didn't see much use. You can still find cartridges for them.. yours looks in fairly medium to poor condition --though the serial numbers I can see all match. I would have a gunsmith look it over, it is pre-1898 so it is an antique. No FFL required. Cool pistol!

They are quite valuable, I have seen ones in similar condition sell at 1,000+ (see: https://eaukce.antiques-auctions.eu/en/detail/26/13/3103-werder-m-1869-bavarian-a-lightninga-pistol?idimg=7994 and http://www.armslist.com/posts/4284401/boise-i...ng--pistol and https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/64/178/werder-1869#detail, and in slightly better condition: http://www.gunstar.co.uk/werder-model-1869-ca...uns/895904)


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