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Hi Gang,

I've enjoyed owning an Albion Discerner for several years, but slowly it's made its way from the wall display to the back office to the safe. Too sharp for display with kids around and too pretty to sit in a dark box, it's time to go.

The sword has never been used for cutting - not even once; it's only been used for display and light handling when the guys are over, a few times over the years. It holds the original Albion edge, which you can shave with. I wouldn't try plunging it into a stone, but it'll certainly do whatever other job you'd like it to do.

I sent it to Brian at (he also suggested I join and post it for sale here) and he made the beautiful scabbard you see in the photos. In fact the shot of the scabbard is from his site.

If you'd like, I can make more images on-demand - I own a photo studio. The images you see on green I made here.

Original Albion wooden box included with the sword and scabbard. Brass wall display mount included, too!

Price: $2,250 shipped within the USA.

Definitely send me a message, I'd happily take your phone call, email, etc. Paypal only - that protects us both!

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