Hello and a happy and interesting New Year to everyone.
I am researching pistols signed by both the above masters together. Their partnership lasted only a few years, the 1650s - early 1660s and not many of their pistols survive. I know of the pair sold from the Royal Hanover collection in 2005 and a very damaged pair sold at an auction in Shrewsbury, England, in 2009. I would very grateful for photos or any information of a single pistol sold from a Kunstkammer in Heilbronn a year ago (more or less), and also of a pair sold by San Giorgio auctions, Genoa, Italy in 2010. I have tried contacting the two houses but without success. So if any of you flintlock connoisseurs have access to any photos or other info about these or any other pistols by Thuraine & Le Hollandois which I am not aware of, I would be enormously grateful to receive it. Many thanks.