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Up for sale is a custom synthetic sabre, with a 33 inch blade made by Purple Heart armory, based off of the Austrian 1861 Officer's sabre. Very stout but quick and controllable sabre for safe but mostly realistic fencing. I paid 120 shipped for it, asking 50USD and 15 for shipping. Secondly I have a brand new, still in box with scabbard, Cold Steel training Sabre. While it looks similar to the Hanwei Hutton it's a much better sabre, very sturdy (I ordered two but now need to reach the breaks on my car, so one has to go) and could certainly take the abuse of a campaigning Officer. Blade is 32 inches long. These go for 220USD on the CS website and 120 everywhere else, asking 75USD plus 15 shipping. Here are some pictures.

I'll put the pictures of the CS in a day. You can take both from 100USD plus 15 shipping.