Magyar archery kit
I just finished a Magyar (Hungarian) equestrian archery kit (arrows, quiver and belt). With very limited data available on this topic, this is what I came up with. It's more for practical use than a reproduction.

The quiver is based on Magyar quivers, but is not a truly accurate reproduction. I made the kit for a small woman, so I cut a lot of corners to minimize size and weight. (If I rode a horse, I would have made a reproduction birch-bark quiver.) Made from veg-tan leather and lined with horse hair.

The belt is based on the steppe utility/military belt, with rings for suspending the quiver, bow case, and other gear.

The arrows are spruce, with hand-cut fletchings in the "balance pan" style, a variation of the Mongolian-style fletchings.

I'll get around to making the bow case in the next couple of months.

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Very nice! Did you use sinew to bind the fletchings? Those are first-class arrows!..........McM
Sinew-colored silk thread :)
Are you going to use the karos cemetery design for the bowcase? I've done some digging on it and it seems to be the only Magyar design but I have to say it's a lot less attractive than the other shapes, such as the Turkish one, which did get used through Russia and beyond.

Really like your quiver design though; the oval shape seems really useful. Here's one I made a bit ago:

[ Linked Image ]

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David Hohl wrote:
Are you going to use the karos cemetery design for the bowcase?.

No, I will probably use the same mounts that I used on the quiver. I think that it has a slight Asian look to it. This is just a practical kit based on a Steppe archery kit, not a reproduction.

I look forward to seeing what you made.

It was certainly was a challenge to find references. Here's a few references that I used:

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Horváth, Peter, and László Költő. The reconstruction of the fastening of the quiver found in grave number 357 at Vörs-Majori-dűlő. Somogyi Múzeumok Közleményei 16: 223–236, Kaposvár, 2004

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Szabó. Chris. A brief Historical Overview of Hungarian Archery, Part I.
I also made the belt in two pieces, consistent with the Steppe utility belt. In hindsight, I should have made the decorative tail another 12 inches longer.

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Very nice. The belt really adds a lot. The thing I wonder about with the Magyar bow case is why the reconstruction looks like a saggy bag. The adjacent cultures and time periods are very elegant so I assume there's a really nice design we just haven't put together based on the ornaments left behind.

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