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I'm not quite sure what to call this so I'm going with "hunting sabre". It looks to be a late 18th century German or Styrian trade blade which was later rehilted in a staghorn hilt in the style of a hunting sword. It could also be a rehilted 19th century Indian tulwar.

Weight: approx 625g
Point of Balance: 20.3cm
Blade Length: 83.7cm
Total length: 98.6cm
Centre of Percussion: (very roughly) 16cm from the tip
Blade width at CoP: 3cm

Width of spine
Base: 7.01mm
1/4: 4.76mm
1/2: 3.72mm
3/4: 1.83
10cm from the tip: 0.95mm

Asking 250 or nearest offer + insured shipping, which would be 10 for the UK , 15 for most of Europe, and 20 to North America.

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