15thC/ 21stC hunting set
This is curious commission made for a 21st Century hunter to his specification for a set that echoes back to the 15thC. Not a replica of any given knife set, but using themes and styles of the time in a modern way.

The baselard has an 8" hollow ground blade with a steel guard, lined in bronze and fitted to a buffalo horn grip. The top guard is solid silver and crowned with bronze rivets and also lined in bronze. The grip itself has silver wire inlay to each side following the grips facets. The sheath is finished with a bronze chape.

The bauernwehr has 6.5" flat ground blade and a classic pommel and bolsters and has a nagel on each side to protect the knuckles and thumb. The blade has some file work to the spine. The knife also has buffalo scales and silver pin work in a floral/vine motif. The sheath is finished again with a bronze chape.

The 'scalpel' has a bauernwehr style grip, filer work to both sides of the tang, a double sided 'dagger' style blade and again with black buffalo scales and silver pin work and the sheath is finished with a bronze chape.

The three knives are individually mounted in a carrying frog and tied in on the rear, but can be dismounted as required.

I hope you like them.

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Beautiful work as always.
That's not only unique but also beautiful. Really interesting inspiration there! I like it a lot.
Very nicely done. I can see that on a medieval hunter, stalking the King's deer, no doubt. It would look just as natural on the hip of a modern man. The two top knives would be totally practical for dressing game...especially the small 'dagger' for getting in the tight spots. The big dagger would be tough in a hassle. Once again...very nicely done!.............McM
That's a gorgeous set, even better when you see the blades themselves
Blimey... the bar keeps getting moved higher.
Love it.. particularly the chapes and the dot inlays in the grips..

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