Tods BlackFriday sale/Nathan fundraiser
Hi All,

Right first things first. We will have a full 60 items for sale on our 'in stock' page to be found here . This includes some hammers, eating knives, daggers and cooks knives.

From right now through Friday 25th - Black Friday any item from this page will be 15% off. You will have to order in the normal way and it will ask for the full payment and then we will refund the discount% via PayPal. If Paypal is not your thing, please email us about a piece at and we can use a card (but PayPal is much easier). Sword, scabbard fittings and mace heads from 'Tods Foundry' will all be 10% off

Secondly. I make no secret of how important I have found myArmoury and its community to my development as a maker of medieval weapons and simply put I think it is enormous. I cannot actually pay 'enormous' back, but I can give the fundraiser some money and have, but the sum raised was not so great this year, so I have decided to auction a knife for the fundraiser as well.

So from right now until I get back from a dinner party tomorrow night (probably slightly tipsy) at around midnight GMT, the knife below is going to auction. The starting bid is $5 and it would be nice if it sold for more than this, and what you bid as the winner will be what it costs, including shipping, to get it to your front door. Whatever the selling price is, I will deduct postage and the rest I will donate to myArmoury - this will all be public and shown on this thread. To bid, just say your price in the thread.

This is a simple 14th/15thC style eating knife with sheet brass bolsters, laburnum handle scales, some file work to the spine and a brass inlaid makers mark. The blade is EN45 (0.7% carbon spring steel). The sheath is made in 2 layers of veg tan leather and dyed black and has incised decoration front and back.



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Eating knives are not really my interest, but this is nice & I can at least give it a bit more reasonable starting bid for others to add to... $50

ps. thanks very much for years of posting your stuff here!
Lovely knife and great idea. I'll bid 100 USD.

Appreciate all your fine works Tod, I've really enjoyed seeing it all here.
That is a very generous start - thank you and it has been a pleasure being able to show my work.

Looks like someone's already beat me to both the Burgundian Rondel (21) and the bronze bollock (45). Drat! You had me excited for a moment.
Thank you for the fundraising efforts, Tod! I truly appreciate it.

As far as the in-stock Black Friday stuff... there's so many things there that I'd be tempted to get if I could. The trefoil Landsknecht dagger is first on the list. Then there's thebronze hilted Landsknecht dagger, 15thC studded rondel dagger, circa 1500 bronze and horn hilted dagger, Dudgeon dagger, Burgundian rondel dagger... okay, wait, the list has to stop. I guess I'm saying I just really like what I see.

Great work, as always.
Happily, the 15th century engraved bollock is now mine.
Hi J.Nicolaysen,

Thanks very much for your bid and its yours. A bit late here, but I will sort the payment and shipping out in the next couple of days,

$100 bid, less $16 shipping, so $84 will be on the way to MA when we get it all sorted out.

Thanks all

Patrick Kelly wrote:
Happily, the 15th century engraved bollock is now mine.
Congratulations on your good taste in arms. :D :cool:

I had a look at this one and tried to order it but it was already taken by you but the site hadn't been updated yet at the time as " SOLD " but the software was good enough to let me know that it was no longer available when I got to the paypall page ....

In any case thanks to Leo for the generous idea to raise some more funds for the site, and it puts him at the very top of my list as the first site to look at when I want to buy something.

Lots of very nice pieces available but I really liked the complex grind lines and reinforced tip of this bollock dagger and why I was really tempted to buy it myself. ( Hint to Leo that I really like this blade type ..... ;) :D )
Leo Todeschini wrote:
Hi J.Nicolaysen,

Thanks very much for your bid and its yours. A bit late here, but I will sort the payment and shipping out in the next couple of days,

$100 bid, less $16 shipping, so $84 will be on the way to MA when we get it all sorted out.

Thanks all


Hey Tod,
Well I didn't mean to stamp the auction like that but I was excited for the idea. Now I'm quite excited for the knife, it looks like a very splendid piece and I'm pleased to have it! Thanks again.
Jean Thibodeau wrote:
Congratulations on your good taste in arms. :D :cool:

Thanks. It was a toss up for me between the bollock and the Burgundian Rondel. Someone beat me to the latter, so that eased the debate. My wife is being a hard taskmaster and withholding it until Christmas. :D
Thanks everyone and quite a few pieces have gone and new ones have been added and Lou was up crazy late sorting through all that, so it seems a shame to stop the sale now, so we have extended until Sunday night.


So, I got the dagger this weekend, and am really pleased with it! For a small knife, it really has some excellent touches like the brass bolster, the grip swell, and the file work on the spine. Really great job Tod, thanks for this opportunity, I feel very lucky! Thanks again Nathan for the great site!

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I like it!
Hi Kem,

I am very glad you like it and it is good that it went to a good home in a good cause.


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