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For sale: a Type E hilted Viking era style short sword I recently completed as a DIY project.

I have a couple of new project in the works and I can't keep everything I make or buy so in order to free up some funds I'm putting this one op for sale.

Pretty much everything I can show and tell about this sword is already explained in detail in the build thread I posted a while ago so you know exactly what you will be getting from taking a look there:

I didn't spend much on this sword. I bought it second hand for 275 euro, sold the old fittings for 30 euro, bought new ones for around 30 euro and spend probably about 25 euro worth on epoxy, wood, leather and steel so in total I have about 300 euro in it. This doesn't include all the workhours I spend on it of course.
I'm selling it for 225 euro.
This includes shipping within Europe, complete with insurance and track and trace. Shipping outside of Europe will have to be discussed but won't be much more expensive.
As usual I will take any payment fees.
I accept both bank transfer and Paypal.
Not really interested in trades unless it's an Oakeshott type XII(a)/XVI(a)-ish blade or sword.