I bought this dagger from Kult of Athena as part of a Ren-Fest outfit. I won't bother with pictures or stats---they can all be seen at KoA under 'Medieval daggers'. As I said, I bought this dagger to go with a number of different Ren-Fest outfits, some soft kits, and others with chain/plate armor. When I purchased it, apparently it was back-ordered. I would have sworn it said 'in-stock' , but I guess I was mistaken. It is still back-ordered----but it's worth the wait, as I discovered. This dagger is beautiful!! The grip is well wrapped in thin leather, and rectangular in cross-section. It provides a firm grip, and is comfortable in bare or gloved hand. The guard and pommel are done in mild steel, and really highlight the Templar cross theme. The twisted guard is reminiscent of some guards offered from Baltimore Knife and Sword. The cross cut-outs have some kind of residue inside them that, upon first glance, makes one think they are not well done. Some WD-40 on a Q-tip will take it right out. The cross on the pommel is surrounded by black paint(?), but could be redone in any color by ladies nail polish to match a specific outfit. The blade is high-carbon steel, and quite stiff. The fuller is very well done by machine, I presume. The blade feels very robust and, though un-sharpened, has a nice little thrusting point. I can see that the blade could be sharpened easily, as it has a "butter-knife" edge. The scabbard is a stand-alone for Deepeeka. The leather is well done, and the back seam is sewn straight. The throat has welded hanging rings attached to it that seem quite sturdy, though I don't know how they are attached inside. The cross on the throat is cut out beautifully, and could also be painted to match an outfit. The chape is also well done, with a little ball on the tip, and both are mirror-polished. In my opinion, this dagger would be well suited for a mans knightly attire, but would excel as a ladies side-arm since it is quite fancy. All in all, I love this dagger. For the price I paid, I got more than my moneys worth. Keep checking to see when it comes back for sale!! You won't be disappointed in this dagger!!.........*I am in no way affiliated with Kult of Athena or Deepeeka, and received no compensation for this review.*............McM